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About GeekCo.


In todays crowded and confusing internet marketplace, GeekCo. International® stands alone as the acknowledged leader in superfluous website design and production. Rather than relying on elaborate and expensive software solutions, we carefully craft all our HTML by hand. No costly commercial applications are employed. This results in substantial savings for you, our customers, as well as enormous profit for ourselves.

While many web designers depend on such passing fads as Java, Shockwave, and Active-X for site embellishment, at GeekCo® this will never be. While these technologies are certainly entertaining, they require viewers of the site to obtain proprietary plug-ins, the most up to date browsers available and, in many cases, a new computer. All GeekCo® sites* can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their inferior, obsolete equipment. Furthermore, we have absolutely no idea how to do any of these things.

Founded in 1873 in Prague, GeekCo. International® began as a designer of inflammatory broadsides for the burgeoning socialist movement. With the approach of the first World War, GeekCo® founder Gustav Schlemp© placed the corporate assets into Swiss accounts, and fled to America. Established here for over 85 years, GeekCo® has consistently profited by exploiting every fast buck scheme to come down the pike, so to speak. In keeping with that tradition, we created our Web Design Division© in 1996, and our GeekWare Collection© in 1998.

Staffed by a legion of inexperienced hacks, The GeekCo® Design Campus© occupies over 40 hectares in rural Los Angeles. This bucolic setting inspires the creativity we require of our Cheerful Employees®. Our ultimate goal is to meet or exceed all the expectations of our customers. We never lose sight of one important fact; our supreme priority is to enable you, the customer, to realize your vision. Unless, of course, we don't feel like it.

Now, please take a few moments to peruse our Terms and Conditions©. After doing so, we invite you to browse through our select sample of GeekCo® creations. If you qualify as a potential customer of GeekCo. International®, we will look forward to doing business with you!

*created after May16, 1997