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The following selection of sites is representative of the wide variety of design styles available from GeekCo International®. The links are cleverly designed to open in a new window in your browser when selected. This not only illustrates the fact that GeekCo® sites will function in the smallest possible window or monitor, it also ensures that this page remains open in the background, effectively forcing you to return. Enjoy your tour.

 Trailer Park
A site designed for a powerful Hollywood motion picture advertising firm. An excellent example of corporate image building by GeekCo®. Be careful what you click on...

The second in a series of sites for musical groups. Garish client provided graphics have been carefully adapted utilizing our Limited Freeware Tools©, thus rendering them acceptable for web display. Contains some of our finest Bloated Animation®.

 Mix Magic
A modest little site, unassuming and effective. Reluctantly updated and LCD©* certified in accordance with our Terms And Conditions©, subparagraph B, article 3.

 The Plymouth Satellite Website
Our first site, containing stunning examples of things we strongly advise not to use. JavaScript, gigantic graphic files, and gratuitous animation abound. The subject matter, an old car, is of severely limited interest. Other than that, a fine representation of basic GeekCo® craftsmanship.

 The Page 'O' Stuff
A page provided by GeekCo® as a service to Macintosh users. Elegant in it's simplicity. Functional, yet informative, it could easily be maintained by a six year old.

 The Technophobes Guide To Site Saucing
Yet another GeekCo® Public Service Page©. Closely related to the previous page, it's targeted at users of a specific, arcane, and currently unsupported technology. Chock full of confusing instructions and computer code.

 The GirlBoy Website
A work in progress designed for an obscure musical group, and the first to be fully LCD©* certified. Despite our distaste for the groups name, we feel the site perfectly illustrates what can be achieved with our Limited Freeware Tools©.


We trust you now have a clearer idea of the standard of excellence embodied in GeekCo® designs. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. A Courteous Representative© will reply as soon as it is convenient.

*Lowest Common Denominator