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Terms & Conditions


At GeekCo International® we demand perfection from our products, as well as from our clients. The following Terms & Conditions© are provided to assist in determining if you meet our qualifications. Should you find them in any way unacceptable, we encourage you to leave this site at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your interest in GeekCo®.
To the discriminating few who find they share our Weltenschauung, to coin a word often bandied about by our founder, we offer our congratulations. Your next logical step would be to contact us. We will be pleased to reply immediately. Or whenever we get around to it.

What We'll Do

  • Design and create a web site based on your specifications, provided said specifications are deemed acceptable to GeekCo®.

  • Build graphical elements for the site using clip art, and our Limited Freeware Tools©. We will grudgingly utilize any ostentatious elements supplied to us by our clients.

  • Fully test the site for operation and LCD Serviceability©*. This includes testing all external links, internal links, alignment or targeting where applicable, and various other things even we do not fully understand.

  • Provide detailed, slightly confusing instructions for posting, updating, and maintaining your shiny new GeekCo® web site. In order to follow these instructions you will require a computer with text editing software (not a word processor), an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and half a brain.

  • Deliver all the above elements and documentation on reformatted AOL diskettes. New, or alternate media is available for a nominal** fee. Transfer via e-mail is not recommended and will not be attempted.

What We Won't Do

  • Anything requiring the purchase or use of software or knowledge we do not possess.

  • Any site that will likely consist of more than around ten (10) pages.

  • Any site hosting, or maintenance beyond the initial confirmation of functionality***. This condition may or may not be negotiable, depending on how much we like you.

  • Anything we don't want to.

These Terms & Conditions© are subject to change without notice. Anything excluded shall be deemed included. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping and handling. All rights reserved.

*Lowest Common Denominator
**not to exceed 180% of retail value
***we'll help you get it running, then it's all yours