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In addition to web design services, GeekCo® is proud to offer our GeekWare Collection©. These fine products are now available free of charge.
As we are a Macintosh based corporation, this software will not currently function on other Operating Systems. Windows versions will be available coincidently with the release of Windows 2000, expected in early 2002.

Kaleidoscope Schemes

The following four items require the Kaleidoscope Control Panel be installed on your Mac. Click HERE to obtain the most recent version.
To see previews of these schemes, those of you with JavaScript enabled browsers may want to try our GeekCo Scheme Viewer Thing©.
If your browser does not support JavaScript, click HERE for previews.

 BoneHead Deluxe
A black scheme based on bones, skulls, coffins, and other ghoulish delights. Presented in a lighthearted fashion guaranteed to warm the cold hearts of serial killers everywhere. Available with or without system folder icon replacements. Comes with bonus desktop patterns and a Trash Coffin©.

A wood-like scheme rendered in various shades of brown. Brings to mind a simpler time, when trees were plentiful and could be felled in enormous quantities, hacked into pieces, and fashioned into useless items such as this scheme. Comes with or without folder replacements. Also includes desktop patterns and a Trash Box©.

A garish orange scheme incorporating a variety of automotive icons. Virtually unusable for extended periods yet, at the same time, oddly compelling. Very popular in Japan. Uses the default system folders. Mopar comes complete with the desktop patterns and a Trash Gauge©.

 Trailer Park
A scheme designed by GeekCo® for an editorial firm of the same name in Hollywood. Very similar to BoneHead, replacing the ghoulish icons with film related components. Does not patch the system folders, and comes with desktop patterns and the Trash Gauge©.

Quality Hacks

 The Finger (U.S.) or (U.K.)
An extension which replaces the standard Mac pointer with a universal expression of friendship. We suggest installing it on as many computers as possible. Available in standard U.S., or localized U.K. versions.

A shameless hack of an application called Snit, this little item pays tribute to America's favorite little boy, South Park's Eric Cartman. He sits in a small window on your desktop, occasionally spouting a variety of soothing comments for which he is well known.

 GeekCo Viewer Thing (Updated 2/25/98)
The source JavaScripts, images and confusing instructions to enable you to utilize the Viewer Thing© on your website. Simply replace the images with your own, modify the scripts where needed, and you're all set! Unless you screw it up.

 GeekCo EZ Previewer (Added 4/6/98)
A much simpler and way less confusing version of the Viewer Thing above. No need to wait for all the images to load with this one!

We hope you will enjoy these fine GeekWare© items. Should you experience any difficulty with your new software, please contact one of our Courteous Representatives©.
As a benefit to our valued customers, technical assistance is available from GeekCo® seven days a week.*

*from 2:42 A.M. to 3:07 A.M. Pacific Time