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- Site Status -

This page was created in response to the baseless charge that this site is never updated. There are many exciting things taking place behind the scenes at GeekCo., and here we'll fill you in on the current status of our site(s) and detail our evil plans for the new millenium. There may be some random opinion pieces lobbed into the ether from here as well. Happy? Good, let's begin...

In general, we're slowly trying to make all our sites HTML 4.0 and CSS compliant. Much like the Y2K problem faced by other large corporations, this will take some time. It is also complicated by the fact that sites that use HTML 4.0 and CSS look like crap in older browsers. Since we refuse to tell people "how to best view" our sites, we must try to make them "degrade" gracefully. This is a pain in the ass. In addition, HTML is mutating into some Frankenstein Monster called XHTML, which is a melánge of XML and HTML and... oh, nevermind.

- Individual Site Info -

The Plymouth Satellite Website is, codewise, a mess. Since it seems to work just fine as is, it probably won't get redone. Content will continue to be updated on a timely bi-annual basis. The Page-O-Stuff and How to Sauce your Site pages will likewise remain in their primitive yet somehow loveable current form. Content updates will be virtually nonexistent. Same deal with The Girl-Boy Website. The band broke up some time ago, but we really like the cheesy graphics so it will remain in place as an historic monument.

Control of the Mix Magic website has been relenquished to the owners of the site. It will probably remain as it is for eternity. The content of the Tumble website continues to be updated fairly regularly, we'll be starting to root around in the code in coming months. The Trailer Park website is currently pretty close to HTML 4.0 compliance. There are some older tags strewn about for browser compatibility purposes, and it needs some style work, but it's getting there. Content will be updated fairly often in the near term. The main GeekCo. site will eventually migrate to Strict HTML 4.0 and CSS compliance, while an unchanged mirror will remain for folks with older browsers. Thanks to the miracle of JavaScript, the suckers will never know the difference.

- New and Upcoming Sites -

The Auction-O-Rama site is up. Someday we'll actually promote it. Maybe some actual items will appear in the listings. It was created for no particular reason. Toy Plane Industries is slowly taking shape. It's for a producer currently working on a show for MTV. Hopefully we'll have some real content up by the time the logo and URL start appearing on the air at the end of the show. MacMates will be appearing in the not too distant future. It's intended to be a freakish combination of Macintosh user tech support forum and personal ads. We've found a lovely little database CGI to run it and now need to build a site around it. Look for it to appear sometime before hell freezes over. Possibly sooner. ;-)

Rant Department

This will be a short rant. The subject, Internet Squatters. These are people, and I use the term loosely, who register domain names so that they can turn around and sell them. They have no websites, or any intention of creating websites. They just register the names. They are assholes.

I told you it would be short. :-)

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