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Well, in case you hadn't figured it out, this whole GeekCo. International thing is not entirely serious. But it's not entirely a joke either. Here's the deal. For some odd reason, we enjoy making websites. Maybe we should get out more often... In any case, if you need a website for yourself or your small business, keep GeekCo. in mind. Our reasonable rates are listed below.

Now you probably don't care, but here's our artsy design philosophy... We believe, with some exceptions, that simpler is better. Profound eh? To us, sites that are impossible to navigate, have tons of animation, require plug-ins, contain useless Java Applets or instructions as to what computer you need and how to reconfigure your monitor for "best" viewing, um... suck.

We check the sites we make on Mac and Windows with a 28.8 modem, using the default browser sizes in both Navigator and Internet Explorer (and AOL). You can be reasonably sure that whatever we make will work, load quickly, and look more or less the same for everyone. We also have a certain - and we use this term loosely - writing style. We don't do serious very well. If you want serious, you better write the copy... ;-)

Bear in mind that, stripped of their sarcasm, the GeekCo Terms and Conditions are for real. We have no desire to do gigantic, dry, boring corporate sites. Unless you throw lots of money at us! So if you've checked out some of our sites, and you're interested in having us do something for you, get in touch with us. We don't claim to be the best there is but... No, wait... We are the best there is, or ever has been. If you need an entertaining, simple and effective site, GeekCo. is for you! Happy surfing!

Reasonable Rates
(for entertainment purposes only)

These "prices" are just averages. We'll adjust them depending on the specifics of each site, and how rich and powerful you are. If all you want is black text on a grey background, it's not gonna cost you very much. On the other hand... Something like say, an interactive virtual reality tour of your brain, will be very expensive. Not including the cost of the surgery needed to obtain the images.

Currently, we can't host sites. We can't scan graphics for you. We can't provide custom CGI Scripts such as guestbooks and counters either. (is there anything we can do?) Most ISP's can provide CGI's for you, sometimes at extra cost. And if you don't know what a CGI or an ISP is, relax! We don't either! It sure sounds impressive though doesn't it?

Also, quite honestly our art department is woefully understaffed, so if you want really fancy custom logos and graphics we may need to... outsource. Pretty corporate eh? Finished sites can be installed directly to your server, delivered on disc, or sent via FTP. Whatever that means...

Basic Site = No frames, simple tables, you provide the graphics, you provide the text. Includes buttons and sidebar/background pattern

Not So Basic Site = Frames and/or complex tables, custom graphics (or you can provide your own), we'll write the text if needed. Includes buttons and sidebar/background pattern

JavaScript Junk = Generic "Mouseover" status bar comments, image rollover functions, and other annoying stuff.

Basic Site $60 first page, $25 per page.
Not So Basic Site $100 first page, $35 per page
Not So Basic Site with JavaScript Junk $125 first page, $45 per page
Custom Graphics/Animation $5/$15 and up each
Convert your Graphics if needed $5 and up
Custom JavaScripts $???
Create Real Audio/QuickTime clips $20 and up per conversion
Site Maintenance $10 per update minimum.
Anything else?.. Contact Us